Hi! My name is Ben Rellick, and I’m a UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer living in Harrisonburg, VA. Coming from a graphic design background, I’ve since become very interested in developing products on the web. Peruse the site, say hi, and if you have a project brewing that you need a hand with, you can hire me!

A bit more about me: I designed and developed BarCheep and I’m a co-founder of Orange Chair Collective, a shared studio space with the goal of fostering creativity in Harrisonburg. In the works: an app that's basically a self-help book meets a Tomagachi, and another one that recommends recipes to compliment the current weather. I play bass in the band Azores and sometimes write noodly hardcore as Orphalese. I recently started blogging about front-end development. When I'm not doing all that, I enjoy long drives, sleeping in, beer and coffee, live music, skateboarding and cycling, and a clean room.

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