Hi! My name is Ben Rellick, and I’m a Front End Developer & UI Designer living in Harrisonburg, VA. I work as a developer for Who Gives a Crap and Shenandoah Valley Organic.

I am not available for new projects at the moment. Tentatively, I'll be taking on projects selectively in September 2016. I'm hoping that this gives me some more time to travel, work on personal projects, and enjoy the goddamn summer.

A bit more about me: I designed and developed BarCheep in April 2013, although it's currently in stasis until I give it a major update. I play bass in the band Azores and loop guitar/synth/drums solo as Monopolyopolis. I have, in the past, blogged about front-end development. When I'm not doing all that, I enjoy long drives, sleeping in, beer and coffee, live music, skateboarding and cycling, and a clean room.